Mechanical Systems Assessments

At the very beginning of a project, building infrastructure and facilities systems need to be assessed.  Helix Energy Partners can provide full inspection reports and appraisal of system conditions as well as recommended design scenarios and construction cost estimates.  This way, our clients can make fully informed decisions when considering capital improvements or expansions.

Energy Modeling

Our expertise includes building energy modeling with Trane TRACE™ 700 and eQuest DOE-2.  No project is too small or too large.

Construction Cost Estimating

Costs and life cycle cost analyses equips our clients with detailed cost information through the life time of their investment.  It allows informed decision making for capital cost improvements and new construction with the use of first cost and life cycle cost comparisons.  Full estimates are provided for construction cost, life time energy and water use, maintenance, and equipment salvage and replacement.


  • FEMP (Federal Energy Management Program) Analysis, Energy Project

  • Federal Analysis, Financed Project Office of Management and Budget Analysis

  • MILCON (Military Construction) Analysis, Energy Project

  • MILCON Analysis, Energy Conservation Investment Program Project

  • MILCON Analysis, Non-Energy Project

Construction Administration

Construction Administration: Our expertise in mechanical systems can come in handy during the construction process.  Job site inspections, progress reports, responses to RFIs, punch list walks, pay application reviews, coordination meetings, reviews of change order requests, and architects/engineers supplemental instructions are some of the many tasks we can tackle to ensure your construction project is a success.

Mechanical, Plumbing, & Controls Design

Design-Build/Design Review: We provide design reviews for many different clients.  Reviews may include equipment sizing, building load calculations, local Mechanical, Plumbing, Building, and Fire code compliance, and energy code documentation.  Supplemental code reviews may include ASME, ASHRAE, ANSI, AHRI, NFPA, and LEED.  Our most common design reviews are provided during the design phase as part of the commissioning process.  Other design reviews are for contractors with design-build projects that need to be stamped, permit drawings, and load calculations as well as owners/financiers that are interested in risk reduction.  Whatever the project, we are fully versed in the latest design trends and up-to-date code requirements for HVAC and plumbing systems.

Computer Aided Drafting: We are Autodesk® AutoCAD® software and Autodesk® Revit® Software capable for full 2D and 3D project coordination.

Specifications Development: Our master specifications have been tailored to the latest code requirements and, over the years, improved to meet the latest trends in the construction industry.  All specifications package are created with project specific requirements.  A broad range of specifications are available, from the smallest MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) project to major equipment and facilities upgrades.  All specifications can be customized to match the required format.

Submittal Reviews: We go to great lengths to ensure equipment submittals comply with the project documentation, design intent, and the owner’s requirements.  This process ensures two-way communication between the designer and the installer up front and thus ensures competitive bidding, prevents costly mistakes in the field, clarifies design intent, and reduces costly change orders as the project progresses.

Infrared Imaging, 3D Scanning

Infrared imaging is useful for troubleshooting MEP failures and deficiencies.  It also has applications for energy analysis and energy modeling of existing buildings for compliance with state, federal, and LEED energy certifications.


​3D scanning is a new technology that allows for a full three-dimensional scan of existing conditions.  The scan can then be imported into the latest 2D and 3D drawing software for:

-Verification of as-built conditions and comparison with record drawings

-Accurate, as-built floor plans

-Analysis and measurement of existing conditions for applications where retrofits and remodels occur

-Clash detection of new equipment with existing systems

-Creation of accurate, as-built documents for the owner

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