Saint Anthony Hospital USP-40 Pharmacy Update

Renovation: Mechanical HVAC design services for USP-40 / NF-35 update to pharmacy hazardous drug compounding areas.

-Update to Anti-Room ventilation/filtration

-New re-circulation HEPA filters for positive and negative pressure C-SECs (Containment Secondary Engineering Controls)

-Pharmacy wide air pressurization re-balance

-Pressurization monitors


2801 Saint Anthony Way Pendleton, OR 97801

Sean Reyburn, Director of Engineering

P: 541.276.5121

EOU Loso Hall Exhaust System Improvements

Renovation: Mechanical HVAC design services for industrial exhaust system remediation/replacement including foundry, welding, ceramics, kilns, paint, and printmaking.

-Specifications for removal of RCRA-8 Hazardous Materials

-Removal of shared exhaust plenum, design for dedicated direct exhaust

-New Down-flow exhaust work stations for ceramics glaze mixing

-New paint booth and print drying exhaust

-New extraction arms for glaze mixing, guest studios, clay mixing, and weld booths

-New Air scrubbers for ceramics general areas

-System wide air balance, variable flow makeup air, and associated controls


One University Boulevard La Grande, OR 97801

Luke Aldrich, PE, Manager of Organizational Transformation

Donald Adams, Director of Maintenance

P: 541.786.3173

Whitman College Physics Dept. Laser Engraver

Design: Direct exhaust system for new laser engraver.

Direct exhaust system for new laser engraver.


3345 Boyer Avenue Walla Walla, WA 99362

Randy Coleman, Facilities

P: 509.524.2009

Oregon Coast Glass Works

Analysis: Code analysis of glass blowing/forming facility; NFPA 54

-Review of combustion makeup air requirements

-Analysis of NFPA requirements for venting; aggregate input rating calculation


616 Olive St.

Newport, OR 97365

P: 541.574.8226

Garland Animal Clinic

Design: Oxygen and Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal systems; NFPA 99 and 704, IFC

-Layout, safeties, and line sizing for O2 and WAGD systems

-Analysis of NFPA requirements for exterior storage of O2 in relation to capacity, property lines, and combustible construction


1022 W Garland Ave

Spokane, WA 99205

Tony Layton, Construction Manager, Build Smart NW, Inc.

P: 509.342.9117

Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry

Renovation: Mechanical, Plumbing, and Medical Gas design services for 8,300 square foot pediatric dental office.

-VRF System with Heat Recovery

-Heat Recovery Ventilation


-Medical Gas Systems (Medical Air, Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (WAGD), Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen) (NFPA 99. 704, IFC)

Entek Manufacturing

Tasks and Duties:

-Process and Functional Design including Process and Instrumentation Diagrams. Included both functional write ups of systems and P&ID drawings. 
-Design, Detailing, Project Estimating, and BOMs for Integrated Mechanical Systems in compliance with UL, CE, and ASME standards. This includes calculations for stress/strain, shear, torsion, fluid flow rates, fluid pressures, failure analysis, materials selection, equipment sizing, and cost estimating.
-Project Management for Installation of Equipment in the Field
-Supervise/Mentor new Engineers and Interns
-Technical writing for equipment users manuals.


Multiple Projects:

Lean Six Sigma

-Part of a team that streamlined and compartmentalized the equipment design process using Lean Six Sigma tools for rapid engineering, purchasing, and assembly. Role included 3D modeling of machinery parts, developing a parts database, cross referencing parts, and standardizing parts across all equipment lines. In some cases this allowed the engineers to make design changes to a single part that was used in multiple locations. Included performing design/calculations to ensure such parts would endure the fitment, stress, heat, etc. of multiple applications.


Duplex Air Stripper System
-Part of the engineering team for the design and installation of a duplex air stripper system for the purpose of removing trace amounts of trichloroethylene (TCE) solvent from process oil. Included mass airflow and volumetric oil flow control for variable speed operation. Engineering included:

*Stripper airflow and pressure calculations for fan sizing. 
*Steam system piping pressure, temperature, flow calculations for heat exchanger, valve, and flow meter sizing. *Oil piping calculations for flow and pressure to size pumps, pipe, and valves.

*Mass airflow calculations for sizing the solvent/air/oil filtration system.


Continuous Web Curing Oven
-Multi-Engineer project for research, design, and installation of a continuous web curing oven for removing trace amounts of TCE and water from a microporous plastic sheet (CE, ASME, and UL compliance) Engineering included:

*Calculations necessary to design the stretching portion of the curing line (oven).

*Steam system piping pressure, temperature, flow calculations for heat exchanger, valve, and flow meter sizing.

*Oil piping calculations for flow and pressure to size pumps, pipe, meters, and valves.

*Airflow calculations for sizing extraction ducting.

*Torque, stress/strain, bending, fatigue, and compression calculations for designing custom motor couplings, sizing VFD/Motors, closures and fasteners, screw jacks, equipment frames, etc.


Multistage Flash Distillation System
-Multi-Engineer project for the design of a continuous multistage flash distillation system for separation of high concentrations of TCE in process oil.  Engineering included:

*Distillation sizing and calculations for the pumping and vacuum system.

*Calculations included airflow velocities and pressures, pump volumes and design head, and vacuum line sizing.

*Required pumps for low NPSH and liquid thermosiphon shaft seals/cooling.


Co-Rotating Splitter Gearbox-Design of precision machined co-rotating splitter gearbox. This included calculating rotational velocities, bearing life, gear tooth stress/strain, coupling stress/strain, tension, torsion, and compression forces from the process and attached motors, etc.

Plant Wide Air Quality - Oil Precipitators & Solvent Vapor Collection
-Design of oil precipitators and filtration for a smoke collection system. Work included:

*Interfacing with the plant work crews and developing solutions to air quality control.

*Collection of data on solvent and oil mist concentrations throughout the plant, calculated capture velocities and drop-out velocities for knockdown and filtration equipment, sized collection nozzles and ducting, and designed custom capture equipment for each of the different production lines.

*Solvent source concentration and encapsulation study


Continuous Web Slitting System
-Researched and developed improvements for continuous web slitting system. Engineering included:

*Tabulating cost data on the existing equipment, measuring failure rates, measuring cutting stresses, calculating rotation speeds, and calculating stress/strain of the existing and proposed support structure.


R&D Laser Micrometer Measurement for QC
-Researched and developed improvements for a quality assurance laser measurement device. Researching solutions to the measurement error of the equipment. This included testing different lasers and different programming algorithms in concert with the laboratory staff.


Equipment Installation and Commissioning
-Installation and Commissioning supervision for equipment installations at customer sites. Included calculations necessary to interface with the customer infrastructure: ie. vacuum, water, oil, air, line sizing to match newly installed equipment.


Screw Element Separator
-Design for a multi-functional extrusion machine screw element separator. Calculations included stress/strain for the exoskeleton, hydraulic line and pump sizing, and shear force requirements on the screw/foot interface and screw/shaft interface.

Linde - Industrial Gases

Drafting: Drawing updates for CO2 system Process and Instrumentation Diagrams


-Update drawing package with field verified revisions


Beaverton, OR 97006

Michael Taylor, Manager

P: 503.642.2748

ODFW Vetrinary Laboratory Improvements

Renovation: Renovation and expansion of 1,500 square foot existing office spaces and veterinary/research laboratory.  Included wet and dry labs, x-ray, and live animal rooms.

-VRF System

-DOAS Ventilation with Heat Recovery


28655 Hwy 34
Corvallis, OR 97333


PO Box 307 Independence, OR 97351

John Lloyd, Project Manager



687 N.W. 5th Street Corvallis, OR  97330

Michael Lovejoy, PE

Fred Shaub, PE
P: 541.754.1062

Furniture Restoration Center

Analysis: Code analysis of furniture spray facility; NFPA 704, NFPA 15, and NFPA 33

-Review of material MSDS; ASTM ratings for flammability, reactivity, fire point, boiling point, and ignition temperature

-Analysis of NFPA requirements for the existing spray booth refinishing system with respect to fire protection


1321 Main Street Philomath, OR 97370

P: 541.929.6681

Umatilla Electric Cooperative Substation

Calculations: Cooling load calculations on electrical sub-station.

-Cooling load calculations on electrical sub-station.


750 W Elm Ave, Hermiston, OR 97838
P: 541.567.6414